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About Us
     Diamond Gem Studio is a full featured recording studio with a Pro Tools HD 3 system able to record 32 tracks at once. We feature an Analog 64 input D&R console, Plenty of great microphones and large JBL monitors . We also have Tascam DA-88, and analog 24 track tape recorders.  We can take your project FROM IDEA TO STORE SHELF! Editing and mastering is done in house for your convenience. CD duplication is also available for small and large runs, (We have bar codes too!)
     When you are ready to take your music or event to the stage, we offer a large sound system for any size venue. From club to outdoor event, we have a system for your needs.
     We have been in business since 1984, same owner, same location. Professional reputation and repeat business is the reason why we have been so successful. Let us be your next recording facility. We aim to please! Always the lowest price and the quality you deserve!
What We Offer
Live Sound Reinforcement
When you need a PA system for your event, we got you covered. We can bring a small or large sound system for the occasion. Indoor, outdoor, club, concert, benefit or park is within our reach.
CD Duplication
Recording Studio
We offer a spacious and relaxed enviroment to get your recording done. There are two isolation booths and a sizeable drum area.

The facility is capable of recording 32 tracks at once so, a full band is no problem. We have a wide array of recording mikes for you to use; AKG, Shure, Sennheiser etc.
A lot of times when the recording is done, you need to sell them on the stage or have a test run for your fans. When you need only a small amount for your business or seminar, we got you covered.

     If you need anywhere from 50 to 50,000 copies, let us know. Small runs done in house and usually available in just a few days. We also do cover art and design for a little extra. Bar codes are available as well.
Record your CD with us
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