Recording in Studio
     This is a full function Recording Studio capable of everything from Editing, Mixing, Mastering and Recording full size bands. The recording area is 24x20 with 2 isolation booths for guitar and vocals etc. The control room is another 20x16 with a 64 input analog console and large dual 15" JBL monitors.
     With the capacity of recording 32 tracks at once, you can use all the drum mikes you need and record the entire band at once, if that is the way you would like to do it. With the possibility of up to 48 bit and 192k digital format, we can get you the quality you need for any kind of desired result.
     There have been many CDs released from this facility since its opening in 1984. All generes including Rock, Country, Rap, Zydeco, Blues, Gospel etc.....
     The cost is $60/Hr including  engineer. Package rates and block rates are available.
Live Sound Reinforcement
     We offer a live sound system suited for parks, clubs and events. It can be as large or as small as you need for the situation. If you need a small system for a party or a large PA for bands at the Fairgrounds, we got you covered. We can include Mikes, stage monitors, engineers or anything else you may need to get  the sound out there.

    Of course we can't give you a blanket price for such a wide array of possibilities but, all you need to do is give us a call or send a text and we'll get back to you asap.

               (There is much more system than what is pictured here.)
Mobile Recording
     Did I mention that we can record your live event at the same time we run sound or seperately altogether? In the case of a band, you don't want to miss those magic moments that sometimes happen live. You can remix it in the studio or take the files with you and use it in Pro Tools or any other audio mixing program (wav files) to remix and release a live CD from it. We wil record on the Studio Live 24 input mixer directly to a MacBook Pro using the Capture program. Each channel is independent and ready to
take to your system and mix!

If it is a seminar, this could be used as a CD to be sold seperately or at any time later. We have done recording at hotels and large corporate events where they needed the speakers later for sale or reference. We have done conferences where there are multiple rooms running at once. Whatever you need for your company, we can comply.